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Google Ads App Extension Implementation

Step by step guide: Google Ads App Extensions Implementation

Step 1: First, open the relevant account and direct yourself to the ads & extensions tab on the left menu, then click on the extensions tab

Step 2: To create a new app, click on the blue '+' button and choose ‘App Extension’

Step 3: Select 'Create new'. You can create a new extension at an account, campaign or ad group level.

Step 4: Select your mobile app's platform.

Step 5: Under Look up your app, enter the Android Package Name or iOS App ID.

  • For Android, you'll find the Package Name in the URL for the app in Google Play

(for example, http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.example.appname).

  • For iOS, you'll find the App ID in the URL of the app within the Apple App Store

(for example, http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/example-app-name/id#########).

  • Then, write the link text you'd like people to see.

(example: Download Example App Here)

  • If you’d like to show this extension on mobile phones only (not on tablets), check the box “Exclude tablets”.

  • If you'd like to limit when this extension should be eligible to appear in your ad (such as on specific days of the week or times of the day), click Start/end dates, scheduling and select the desired timing.

  • Click “Save”

Create an App Extension in Google Ads Editor

Step 1: App Extensions are managed in the Shared library, so make sure to create them in the Shared library before adding to campaigns or ad groups.

When you’d like to edit an App Extension, you can edit in the Shared library. If you make changes to the App Extensions in the Shared library, it will update all campaigns and ad groups where that extension has been added.

Step 2: Add an App Extension to a campaign or ad group

  • In the account tree, select the campaign or ad group where you want to add the extension

  • In the type list, select 'Ad extensions' and then 'App extensions'

Above the data view, click 'Add app extension' and select 'Campaign app extension' or 'Ad group app extension' from the drop-down menu

Choose the extension you want to add from the list

Click 'OK' and check that you have added app extensions to the correct campaigns before posting changes.

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