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PPC - App Extensions

What is an App Extension?

App Extensions are a type of ad Extension that allow you to link to your mobile or tablet app from your text ads. App extensions are a great way to provide access to your website and your app from a single ad.

How does an App Extension work?

Clicking or tapping an ad extension leads you to your app's description in the app store (Google Play or the Apple App Store). People click either on your headline to go to your site, or on the link to your app.

What is the cost of an App Extension?

App extensions are free to add - you're only charged for clicks. Clicks on an app extension of an ad cost the same as slick on the headline of the ad. Clicking the headline will direct to the side.

Adding App Extensions to an Account

You can add app extensions at the account, campaign, ad group or ad level. Before setting up an extension, make sure you have the following:

  • A mobile app that's live within Google Play or the Apple App Store

  • The Package Name (Android) or App ID (iOS) for your mobile app

  • The URL of the page within the app store where users can lean more about the app or click to install.

Benefits of Using App Extensions?

  • Flexibility: You can add app extensions to accounts, campaigns and ad groups.

  • Detailed reporting: See how many clicks you receive on each part of your ad when an app extension appeared, such as click to your ad's headline compared to clicks on the app extension. Break these statistics down by campaign, ad group or ad.

  • Customized for different devices: If you create mobile-optimized app extensions to show on mobile devices, or disable specific app extensions on the devices that you choose.

  • "Smart" detection of app store and device: If you create an extension for each app store, we'll show the store link that corresponds to the customer's device, so, someone on an iOS device will see your Apple App Store link. We'll also show the app extension link that corresponds to a customer's device type, so if your app only runs on tablets, we won't display that app extension link to a customer using a mobile phone.

  • In-place editing: Edit your App extension without resetting its performance statistics.

  • Start/end dates and scheduling: Specify the dates, days of the week of time of day when your app extension should appear with your ad.

Where can App Extensions be Used?

App Extensions can be added in Google Ads or Microsoft Ads

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